After 6 years in business and tens of thousands of phone calls and emails here are the answers to our most FAQ's. Thanks a million for reading this before a call or email. If your question is not answered here we would love to help. Call or email!

If I bought a San Diego voucher can I use it in Newport and vice versa?

Yes, all our vouchers are interchangeable between locations. In the end, which location and time you pick should be whatever works best for you.

Are children allowed and what is their cost?

Children are only allowed on private cruises. You can not add them to a cruise for two. Their cost is the same as an adult. We have US Coast Guard regulations on how many people are allowed on the boat at once. Unfortunately the USCG doesn't care if the person is 1 or 100, so we have to charge children same as adults

Do you guys put up the sails?

We do not put up the sails on our cruises, Its a safety issue with the boat leaning. We cruise by motor. 

Are your vessels handicap accessible?

No, they are not. It proves too difficult for people in wheelchairs or elderly who have a very difficult time walking to get to the boat (let alone board the boat). We are truly sorry about this!

I bought a voucher and want to reserve online, how do I do this?

Just go to our online schedule and find the cruise you want to reserve. Click on it and it will bring up the reservation form. It will eventually ask you for your voucher number at which point you will enter it. You will not need to enter any credit card info. MAKE SURE you reserve for the correct date/time/location. Doing the reservation while sober and alert is greatly appreciated!

My voucher is expired, what can I do?

We will ALWAYS honor an expired voucher. However, you will need to re-activate it with us. A two person voucher is charged an additional $38 to re-activate and a private cruise is charged $75. We don't want a "bummer" situation so we have this offer to keep you smiling. If for some reason we had to cancel your schedule cruise we will honor your voucher as new from the time of cancelation giving it another 6 months. So say your voucher expires Sep 1 and you were scheduled for August 25 but we had some motor problems and had to cancel your cruise. Your voucher will now be good until February 25.

I need to reschedule, how do I go about doing this? Is there a fee?

The BEST way to reschedule is to go back into the online calendar and just make a new reservation. Once you have done this, shoot me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let me know you just scheduled a new cruise and want to cancel the old one. The next time I check emails (about 10x/day) I will reply confirming I recieved your cancelation request and you are all taken care of! There is no fee to reschedule as long as it is done  AT LEAST 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, there is a $20 cancelation fee for a two person cruise and $75 for private cruises. Just remember, we are running a business and cruises that go out that are not full costs us money.

I booked the cruise online and want to confirm I am reserved.

We always send out confirmation emails automatically after a cruise has been scheduled. Please check your inbox and SPAM folder to see if you recieved this email. If you cannot find it feel free to call or email. I have all the reservations recorded and can look you up real quick.

Are there any additional fees that go along with the cruise?

No! The only other additional costs would be 100% discretionary. We do have a wine list available on the boat where you can spend some extra dough. Our captains are also the best in the biz and would very much appreciate gratuities. That's all.

What wine comes with the cruise and what if I want to bring my own wine/snacks on board?

The two person cruise option comes with a 375ml bottle of wine (your choice of red or white)and appetizers are served. . The private cruise comes with two 750ml bottles of wine (your choice of red, white, or champagne) and appetizers. You are more than welcome to bring anything you want with you on board in terms of snacks or drinks or beer. If you bring wine we will charge a $10 corkage. This is because we want you to buy from our wine list!

What time do I show up for a particular cruise? What happens if I am running late?

We want you at the boat anywhere between 10-15 minutes before your scheduled departure. Please review the directions and information in your confirmation email. The directions link is also on the front page of the site for you to use to make sure to get there on time. If you are running late please let us know. We will hold the boat up to five minutes for you. After that, we gotta go. Now, every weekend we get at least one or two calls from people in a panic because they are running late for a variety of reasons. We are in So Cal, if you don't account for traffic you will be late! If you are late please understand this is not our fault. We have to stay on schedule for everyone who is on time. You will be charged a $20 reschedule fee to book a different cruise time because we had to go out on a non-full boat and likely had to turn away people who wanted your spot that would have been on time. We are here for you but please understand what my old Chemistry teacher used to tell me, "a lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part".

I want to cruise at a certain day and time that I do not see on your schedule. Or, I know I reserved for the 6:30 on Sunday slot and I don't see it anymore. Whats up with that?

This could be for a variety of reasons. Either the cruise is 100% full in which case it is automatically removed from our online calendar (especially true if you don't see the cruise you reserved). You might be looking for a Monday-Thursday cruise time...we only cruise Friday-Sunday (unless you call and ask for a private cruise some other time, which we do). Or you are looking too far in the future. We only post the current month and the month after on our online schedule or else our website just goes too darn slow from too much data.

Which boat goes with which location? Can I see pictures?

We have a Cal 25 in both San Diego and Newport. The sailboat with the all black hull is in Newport. The boat with the black stripe on the white hull is in San Diego. Both are set-up almost identical. For pictures please check out our Facebook and Yelp pages. We have lots of pictures on Yelp.

Well folks, thats about it. I always enjoy chatting with you and giving you the best service in the biz so do not hesitate to call or email. I am rather OCD about returning calls and emails in a lightning quick fashion so if I don't pick up plz leave a message and leave your call back number while speaking slowly and clearly. Myself and the captains of Ship 'N a Bottle will treat you like family and give you the best experience we possibly can. The greatest compliments you can give us in return are return business, referrals, and 5 star Yelp reviews. And don't forget gratuities for the captains!